Blogging in Briefs 2/14/13

When supporters of the right of self-defense declare that Obama’s “common sense” anti-gun proposals are simply preparations to seize guns or make it nearly impossible for ordinary citizens to own guns as a means of personal self-defense, liberals claim that they are not gun grabbers and decry the “paranoia” of conservatives. But then comes the inconvenient truth in the form of—liberal proposals to grab guns and make it nearly impossible for ordinary citizens to own guns as a means of personal self-defense. My proposal is to enact the same scope of restrictions on abortions and on violent video games, two constitutional “rights” dearest to liberals’ hearts.


If the liberal Democrats in the California legislature want to “save lives,” they might consider not meeting for a while. Or, at the least, they might stop looking at ideologically-driven fantasies and start looking at facts, such as this reality-based evaluation of the threat posed by guns in the home versus poisonings, falls, burns, and (one might add) drowning.


Speaking of foolishness by California politicians, it is not only their gun control obsession that is fact-averse. Regulations and taxes in California are so bad that businesses are leaving for greener (at least in the economic sense) pastures, which causes other states to see an opening to lure away more of them. Enter Governor Rick Perry of Texas. I hope his efforts (and those of other states) are successful. When voters elect Leftists to govern California, those voters need to be taught a lesson. The political culture of Texas versus California in two sentences: “When Lieutenant Governor Newsom and California state legislators visited Texas in 2011, they heard testimony from business leaders there that Texas’s tort reforms had improved job creation. At the time, the papers back in the Golden State were touting their legislature’s latest priority: a bill mandating that all public-school children learn the history of disabled and gay Americans.” By the way, it is that specific California law that was the last straw for me regarding government schools. I see no reason why little kids need to have the sexuality of people they study rammed down their throats; private school or home schooling it is.


It seems that the people are voting with their actions: A gun sale every 1.56 seconds since January 1, 2012. Of course, since a background check does not mean the person only bought one gun, there likely were far more guns sold, even without counting the private sale transactions.


I remember reading about the behind-the-scenes arms deals run by the U.S. out of Libya, but they supposedly involved shipments of old Qaddafi weaponry to the Syrian rebels, coordinated by Ambassador Stevens with the assistance of Turkey. That was used to explain the departure of the Turkish ambassador from the American compound in Benghazi shortly before it was attacked, with the attackers being connected to al Qaeda groups in Libya that opposed the American operation. This book makes some of those same points and declares that President Obama has, at least, misled Americans about the gunrunning to which he gave the green light through his National Security Adviser Brennan. If the President knew about this gun running operation and Brennan was involved, long-held suspicions that Obama knew about the de facto gunrunning operation, Fast and Furious, to the Mexican drug cartels take on additional credibility. Congressman Issa has tried to investigate the latter operation and has been stonewalled by Attorney General Holder who, when his back was against the wall, obtained Obama’s declaration of executive privilege to avoid disclosure of critical information. Let’s see what Congress does now. Looks like Senator Lindsey Graham has similar thoughts about the administration’s conscious omissions about Benghazi. When the President has managed to get Graham to go “ballistic” (relatively speaking), there must be fire to go with the smoke.

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