Blogging in Briefs 2/21/13

I recently discussed with my students the importance and correctness of discrimination. As humans, we not only hve a right to discriminate, but a moral duty to do so. As I tell my students, the lion that fails to distinguish between eating a sheep and eating a human baby cannot be faulted for failing to discriminate. He cannot make that discrimination and is not morally culpable. If I fail to discriminate in such a manner, I will be prosecuted for murder, because, as a human, I am capable of such discrimination and must exercise that capacity. Of course, among the ignorant and politically correct, “discrimination” is evil because they cannot, well, discriminate between rational discrimination and irrational discrimination. So, they profess to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards any discrimination. Hoping to display their badge of moral righteousness, they simply show themselves to be moral eunuchs. Such specimens seem to nest in particular in America’s educational institutions, i.e. among those whom we—foolishly, in turns out—expect to teach our offspring. Each week, it seems, there is another incident of failure by the government education complex.


Now that Valentine’s Day is over, the claws or, in this case, the bare knuckles come out. Fortunately, none of the women to which I am connected suffer from these character flaws. When my wife saw me reading this, she looked less than enthusiastic. I told my wife that I was reading about all the types of women she is not (which is true). I think she bought it.


Among the political sites I visit there is increasing frustration with the leadership of the Republican Party. While there long has been a contest between the country-club wing (Rockefeller, George H.W. Bush, Romney) and the populist wing (Goldwater, Reagan, Gingrich), the increased polarization of the country and the democratization of information through the internet has caused that fissure to widen and deepen over the past couple of decades. George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” with a Texas twang brought these groups into an unstable alignment. Had there not been the financial panic of 2007-2008 and the election of Barack Obama, that alignment might have endured. As it is, the success of the T.E.A. faction in the 2010 elections and the failure of the party establishment to defeat Obama when the country’s economy remains in terrible shape after four years of his administration, has caused intra-party rivalry to become so toxic that politically active individuals increasingly question the long-term vitality of the party. This article reads like a bill of particulars from the populist side against a Republican establishment that is seen as increasingly unwilling to challenge the Democrats because that establishment and the Democrats are part of a ruling class centered in D.C. and act simply to perpetuate their own power and in opposition to the interests of the voters.


We know how liberals react when a female or a member of a racial or ethnic minority group dares to leave the thought-control reservation and turn out to be a (gasp) conservative. That person is a direct threat to the liberals’ vision of themselves and, therefore, must be figuratively destroyed beyond even the manner in which whites who hold such ideas are vilified. The situatiion is even more critical if that heretic is articulate, and the racial loathing becomes more pronounced. Here are the latest examples, featuring new Texas Senator Ted Cruz against the white liberals in the press. Here is another version of the problem.


Huh. So, the feminist utopia may not be the route to personal happiness. Who knew that contemporary faddishness might run into the obstacle of human nature?

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