It’s Pope Francis

Before the voting for Pope was completed, The Washington Post thought that the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Scola (pronounced S’cola) would be chosen as the safe choice. I am not surprised he did not win. The Church was just not ready for a Pope Scola.


It is far too early to know how the new Pope’s tenure will unfold, and whether it will encompass more than a care-taking role. But his election is notable in that it is the first non-European Pope in modern times. Rather than getting one of their own, the Italian contingent of the College of Cardinals had to make do with a non-Italian of Italian ancestry. Not at all unexpected, the Left is surprised and unhappy that the Church did not pick a same-sex-marriage-friendly, left-wing, liberation-theology “modern” Pope. As if a 2,000-year old institution, built on a “rock” and enduring as such, is going to be directed by the buzzing of history’s gnats.


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